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la llotja has been shortlisted in the WAF awards in bcn

Studio of Architecture in Barcelona: Cristina Fernandez and Markus Lauber

Labb was founded in the beginning of 2006, in the city of Barcelona and is a member of College of Architects of Catalonia. The founders are the architects Markus Lauber, from Stuttgart (Germany), and Cristina Fernandez, from Barcelona (Spain). The fusion of the two personalities unify complementary characters and experiences. For them, architecture is not only the result of a professional practice and its processes, but the well-balanced result between those and the artistic and intellectual effort of the architect, between the real world and world of ideas.

A common element in the projects is the constant questioning of obvious solutions: formal expression as a result of programmatic and contextual investigations, are the driving force behind the uniqueness of every project and form the essence of the activity in the office.